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5 Lesser Known Things to Look for When Buying an Investment Property in St. Louis

Investing in real estate, a tangible asset with natural value and always in demand, is a wise way to secure your portfolio against an economic downturn in any sector. In addition, with rental rates keeping pace with increases in the cost of living, you’ll build a hedge against inflation, assuring you maintain your current lifestyle. You should also seek input from an experienced family member, friend or professional real estate investor who knows the St. Louis market to help you get started.

Real estate investors understand what to look for when purchasing investment properties, including red flags that less experienced eyes might easily miss. However, there are many layers to unpeel when purchasing an investment property. So read on as we explore five lesser-known things to look for when buying an investment property in St. Louis.

Business Minded

Professional real estate investors understand that real estate investment is a business and that you must treat it as such. It takes dedication and continuing their education to stay current on the laws that govern daily activities, as with any profession. Therefore, you must dedicate yourself to understanding the current state of the real estate market. You’ll need to create a strategy for a balanced real estate portfolio, with the ability to swiftly change plans when market indicators hint at changing trends or economic growth. Working with a local professional home buyer like those at U BUY STL in St. Louis means you’ll have the inside scoop on the current state of affairs, allowing for real-time adjustments and opening the opportunity to invest early and earn the highest possible returns.  


The importance of purchasing within your budget is less-known by new investors buying an investment property in St. Louis, who often overlook essential elements of budgeting in their overall investment strategy. Remember, you can renovate the units but can’t reposition the land they’re on for a better water or mountain view. So instead, consider factors like crime rates, schools, and desirable conveniences. Working with a professional home buyer like those at U BUY STL will help you find the lowest-priced property in the best location within your budget while still holding an ample emergency fund.

Diving In

Another lesser-known thing when buying an investment property in St. Louis is it’s challenging to know when you’re ready to pull the trigger on your first investment property. Understanding a misstep could be costly. Some investors are overly enthusiastic and jump in without performing due diligence or consulting an expert, often leading to a nightmarish end of their real estate investment dreams and financial devastation. Unfortunately, after doing all the homework and readying themselves financially, new investors often become frozen, never making that first investment. Working with a professional home buyer like those at U BUY STL will allow you to learn the ropes and complexities of real estate investment transactions with experts guiding the way.

Your Team

A lesser-known thing when buying an investment property in St. Louis is that no one invests alone; it takes several professionals working together to accomplish the task. Teamwork makes the dream work when you’re a real estate investor. You’ll need to work with many professionals from every walk of the real estate industry and leverage their skills. A team also relieves you of handling appointments and meetings, freeing up your time. Your team helps build your portfolio with you, so there are a few essentials to consider when selecting your teammates. Your work ethic and goals must align, keeping communication lines open and accessible when needed. Your team works in unison, with everyone on the same page; in many cases, sellers accept the first offer. Working with a professional home buyer like those at U BUY STL means you’re instantly onboarding a great team of the most highly regarded pros in the industry, making you the early bird that gets the worm.

Property Management

Among the numbers you’ll need to pay attention to when you’re considering an investment property, a lesser-known thing when buying an investment property in St. Louis is that the numbers you see in their records reflect the success, or failure, of their property management. From your tenant screening and placement process to the systems you use to maintain the property, handle repairs and collect rents, each cog in the wheel of property management is as vital as the others. Working with a professional home buyer like those at U BUY STL provides access to our property management pros that can assist you with your portfolio holdings.

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